Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reading Graffiti

Last week I had the pleasure of watching Donalyn Miller speak at a conference here at the Lake of the Ozarks. I blogged briefly about it here. Thanks to her presentation, I've been inspired to try out a few tricks in my classroom. She also introduced her participants to several resources, one of them being The Nerdy Book Club blog. If you're not following, you should be! 

I loved Donalyn's idea for a Reading Graffiti board. Using a large piece of black paper and metallic sharpies - reading magic is made! Students can write one quote per book per student. This challenges them to find the perfect quote. Below, you see our first being written... 

As of yesterday, we had six quotes written on our board. Students are so excited to add quotes and find that PERFECT one. I've had a few tell me they've found quotes, but they aren't quite sure what to write on the board. I've also had one gentleman who has shown me a quote on each page of his current read. When students find a quote, I've asked them to come read me the quote first. This has given me another glimpse into what type of reader they are. It's interesting what quotes and lines from the story they pull from the pages. 

Do you have any type of reading graffiti board in your room? Share your tricks!


  1. I love this idea. I plan to implement this in my classroom this week. We are reading such wonderful novels and stories that I'm excited to see all of the students' thinking for this board.

  2. When I saw Donalyn in conference, she mentioned this, too! I was SO excited to meet her last year, then bought her book, and knew exactly what she was talking about throughout the book. I'm glad to see someone tried the graffiti board. What else do you gain from this as the teacher? Do you find some students are reading through books at a speed that's too quick for understanding JUST to find that quote?

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. It really lit a spark in several of my students to find the PERFECT quote. Like Donalyn said in her presentation, several students will pulling out the theme or moral of the story when looking for their quote. Plus, I had kids showing my pages and pages from books which lead to recommending books for me to read.

      I did have a few students who wanted to WRITE EVERYTHING.. and they weren't really relevant. I just encouraged them to keep searching for that PERFECT one and reminded them that it was a one-shot kind of thing. They could only write one on the board, which made things more limited!

  3. Hi! I just loved this idea. I wanted you to know that I tried it out myself. I linked to your blog here: Thanks so much for the inspiration! My 8th graders are gonna love it :)

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  11. I've done this in second grade but we called it "Beautiful Language."


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